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Prof. Gustave Morbeus SteamPunk Time Machine

I was biking around Old Ottawa East last week and came across this!
I saw a man riding this intricate mobile sculpture thinking maybe he's some kind of whacked-out old fashion knife sharpener.
Turns out he's Prof. Gustave Morbeus.
Gustave explained to me with great patience and detail how his time machine was built and the philosophy that goes with it. This Time Machine does not travel to the past or the future, it is set in the present because the past is gone, the future hasn't happened yet and well the present,  that's where the action is.

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I ask Trevor if he was the one who made that great little portrait behind him on the pole and he turns to look at it and says no. Continues with the fact that he has absolutely no drawing or painting skills as opposed to his sister who can open a Cosmopolitan magazine and draw exactly what is in it. And a singer, she can sing like Sarah Vaughn and Ella Fitzgerald just belt out those songs from the bottom of her heart. So what is she doing now with all that talent, asks I, "NOTHING" says Trevor, she has a job for 6 months and then messes it all up, all my family is in Montreal. And they all fucked me good when my dad died.

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'ARTneverSLEEPS' is ongoing never sleeping, collaborative art presentation of LACELLE and EVANCHUCK forever creating and recreating more of the traditional and modern styles of making images come alive with the feeling the artists have for their images

It's 'real' life embellished into a fantastic wonderland where shapes, shading colours and glazes make the familiar marvelous - collaborative minds at work to give each image the artists 'feel'.

HELENE LACELLE and PETER EVANCHUCK have been creating art in all media for most of their lives. They are always looking for new spaces to show their work whether it's the LOUVRE or the LOO - their art shows up

opens Friday 18August17 until end of Sept'17 not in the LOUVE but in the LOO at LIFEofPIE 

1134 Bank Street

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Francois, "J'veux pu m'droguer" - a little movie by HELENE LACELLE


I met Francois doing laundry at Lava Java on Henderson St. last Sunday morning. I gave him 2 loonies for his toonie and he gave me a .25 cents tip.  He told me his girlfriend was still at the hotel sleeping and that in 16 months she would have her divorce. He was hoping to have his album ready soon so that he can sell it for $10 and start making money.
He asked if there was any cheap apartments in Sandy Hill and I told him to go look in Vanier where the people are much nicer and apartments much cheaper. Then he went to the depaneur to buy a
chocolate milk. He dropped it and spilt half of it on the sidewalk and apologized to me for making a mess.

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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

The Mayor buys our MARVELOUS ART!

Chipman Mayor Carson Atkinson holds purchased
art piece of LACELLE and EVANCHUCK's
a style that combines the photos of Evanchuck
with the art embellishments of Lacelle
to recreate the 'feel' of the original and make it marvelous

Lacelle holds up Tshirt logo with a twist on a trumpism
'make CHIPMAN great again'

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