Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Chuck's Hat

Today in front of Dollorama on Rideau Street. I told Chuck I loved his hat and he said - " Everybody loves my hat. I got it at  Sally Ann on Montreal Rd and only paid $8.00 for it." He shook my hand and started pulling me in for a hug and I said - "sorry Chuck I don't hug"

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Tuesday, September 25, 2018


This is Leo. Ran into him at the Mackemzie King Bridge selling his tiny sculptures and jewelry. He says to me that - when he was well in the head he walked from Manitoba to Ottawa, it took him 3 years. Now, he says he's not well in the head because of problems with the government and politics.

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Friday, August 3, 2018

Gord Brown from Thunderbay

Met Gord sitting at the corner of Dalhousie and George St. yesterday. I told him I had never seen such white legs and he said " Give me a break I just spent 17 days in the hospital." Gord had a seizure, fell and ripped his arm and leg. He was flown from Thunderbay to Ottawa. They took skin grafts from his hips to patch-up his leg and arm. " They're growing my skin right this minute in the hospital! There's another me growing in the hospital!!" I asked if he could walk ok and Gord said "sure, if I had my walker, but somebody just stole my walker"

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Thursday, June 7, 2018


GLEBE CENTRAL PARK, Ottawa  - Bank st & Clemow  -  JUNE 9 - 10    10am - 5pm

Come and see my new 'outsider art'   -   if I was anymore outsider I'd be homeless!
I'm at booth #141 - on the Petterson Creek side.

Sunday, May 13, 2018


Amanda and her decoy geese. Saw her walking down Robinson Ave. with 5 decoy geese like it was nothing. Thinking to myself that this is not nothing I had to ask her if I could take her picture and tell me about the geese. She bought them at Walmart on sale for $250.00 each, makes jerky with the geese she kills, hunts with a few other buddies, lies on the ground hiding in a cami blanket and when the geese fly over her she comes out of the blanket and shoots her shotgun.

Thursday, May 10, 2018


Rebecca in front on LCBO on Pretoria. I told her she looked like a doll and she said 'I take care of myself'

Thursday, April 26, 2018

S O M E Extraordinary art from the graduating BFA class - Ottawa U - 2018

On April 25, the 2018 graduates from the University of Ottawa’s Bachelor of Fine Arts program will open a five-day exhibition of their artistic works. VOIX is a student curated and organized  exhibition showcasing the work of twenty-eight emerging artists, who will transform the Department of Visual Arts’ building into an exhibition space.
With the theme of VOIX (translated to "voice" from french), each artist is presenting their work illustrating their voice through a visual representation. Each artist’s voice has been developed during the course of the program, and refined over this final year to create the focused works presented this April. Our exhibition will include a variety of mediums including painting, photography, media, drawing, and sculpture.

Artist Emma Williams

Artist Sarah Clothier

Artist Rae White

artists Ginny Stovel & Alexander Muise
Artist Alexander Muise

Artist Rim Slaoui

Artist Roger Armstrong

Artist Alynia Symons
Artist Angela Richmond (RIGHT)
Exhibition Dates/Hours: Wednesday and Thursday April 25th & 26th 9am - 5pm, Friday April 27th 9am - 4pm, Saturday  and Sunday April 28th &29th 9am - 7pm.

Vernissage:Friday, April 27th, 2018, 6-10 p.m. Room 320 - Catered with cash bar

WHERE:100 Laurier Avenue E.,  600 Cumberland entrance, Departmentof Visual Arts, University of Ottawa

The artists :
Roger Armstrong, Laura Baril, Ayesha Chubb, Sarah Clothier, Elaine Diguer, Brianna Fitzgerald,  Nada Hachem, Morgan Kelly, Anika Lalonde, Nancy Lam, Mariangels Lombano, Lila Maitre, Kristopher Maxwell, Maria Merheb, Dimple Mistry, Alexander Muise, Melissa Ng, Lucy Oulanova, Angela Richmond, Kelsea Shore, Stephen Shugar, Rim Slaoui, Ginny Stovel, Alynia Symons,Gareth Welsh, Jenna Adams-White, Rae White, Emma Williams.
For more information:

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Ran into Chris last week in Toronto

I ran into Chris Tyrell from HOAX COUTURE on Queen West last week. Chris goes way back to the intoxicating disco nights at Tobascos in Hull Quebec in the 80's. Chris Tyrell and Jim Searle were already at the beginning stages of cobbling HOAX together. "HOAX is consistently voted Best in Toronto as fashion designers, tailors and dressmakers."
Photos below are from their Spring Collection Fashion Show at the Cameron House on Queen West in 1992. I took these photos using a mini Pentax camera with 110film - blew heat on the back of the camera to distort the colors - these images are un-retouched, no photoshop straight out of the camera.


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Miracle in Montreal - Finding JANO

Well i guess we've all had this miracle happen - well at least those who get off the couch and into a real living life.

Left Ottawa for Montreal to experience LUMIERE and NUIIT BLANCHE  Saturday a couple day ago and to shoot some image/sound for my drama-documentary BEAUTIFUL BACHELORS.

Came up with a new inclusion to make B.B. slide from a pure Doc. into a dramatic doc with a story line. So HELENE is now a character looking for a 'new life' with some interesting bachelors like she lived before her life changed into seclusion and 'aloneness'

Her first encounter as she travels Canada is with ZOLTAR a gypsey fortune teller and from there she get clues on her life and how to aquire what she wants. ZOLTAR is a fortune telling machine that gives fortunes for money.

So there we are in Montreal and i'm shooting a scene using the background of 'the village' and a large display of Quebec artists mounted in the snow on large blocks of white walls. HELENE talks about her life with Jano both living to the fullest having a great time the years they spent together.

The foootage is good and so we're returning to the van and i'm shooting some cover shots when i hear HELENE yelling after me - there she was calling out, 'It's JANO'

So hugs and excited words and we can hardly believe that after 25 years we found each other again at the exact time i'm shooting a scene where HELENE is talking about her wonderful life living with him in Toronto.

Since when friends meet after decades apart usually the connetion is immediate like no time has past and what amazes me is that JANO recognized us walking on the street like it was yesterday.

He tells us we haven't changed and i can hardly beiieve is since i've been going thru a decade of Cancer treaments with 4 major surgeries, radiaitons, etc .... but he did recognize us immediately.

So it seems that somehow that movemenet of 'getting out there' created a miracle for us and for the movie - we now have a cetral character for the 'new' dramatized story version of BEAUTIFUL BACHELORS - now that's what i call a MONTREAL MIRACLE and certain put a LUMIERE on my life.

All's always well when miracles happen, eh Canada?

story above by Peter Evanchuck!

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Vivienne in the City - Homage to Nan Goldin

Homage to American photographer NAN GOLDIN and her fight against the SACKLER FAMILY, makers of OXYCONTIN


"not fun CYBER-KNIFE treatments 1.5 hours of laying perfectly still on closed confined stretcher-bed (u are tightened into bed )

first attempt failed computer inaccurately set up ( the infallable was fallible )

the big boys came in readjusted computer last Sunday made new masks to keep alignment accurate

refinements of new program seem to be working ok

get to take mask home after treatments for next Halloween costume (I'm going as a cyber-knife MAN) " Peter Evanchuck

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Today Downtown

John - gave me his fur coat today on Elgin Street. He said 'Give me $5 bucks then said NO NO NO I dont want any money. You know it's a ladies coat.'  'Yes I know' then gave him $2 bucks. He hugged me very hard and walked me to the Church next door of that weird barber shop on Elgin. We went to Iona Hall where they were serving lunch. The 'free clothes' room was closed for the day. I will return next Tuesday and this time have lunch with John, hopefully, and arrive early enough to catch the free clothes room. And again very unexpectedly received another big hug from John as I left. 


Yesterday Downtown

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

on the road again ..... beautiful Toronto

photo & words by PeterEvanchuck on our weeklly road adventure 'put adventure in ur life, folks'

heeehaw ya'll 
photo/video shoot went well on our week exploring the hiways and biways of this place we call CANADA
weather was remarkable so Toronto like Spring hardly any snow and mild
great Chines BBQ duck/chicken and Indian ButterChicken
as RK STEVENSON said when asked why he travels so much, 'I travel to move.'
 that is to kick the rigour mortise of the soft couch and easy life in the safe slow zone
so 'move' u potatoes mmmm off the couch now kids

??how's u hangin' on the moore???

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

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