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mmm some things can be overcome
like CANCER can turn some into couch fries burning in remorse and pain
others can make silly movies in BIG SNOW country, NB

one of several uses of an umbrella on location of the filmaking team called

good fun yesterday during NB feather snow falling all day no wind so was such a delight for my solo shoot
left fir trees laden heavy with sagging snow creating enormous produciton value
to my little 'no budget' drama ( a no manners drama so anti Canadian )

photo by HELENE LACELLE, in the NB woods during -20c feather snowfall - umbrella keeps snow off my camera ( too bad u can't seen flakes )

Thursday, December 15, 2016

The Big Bop, Queen & Bathurst, Toronto, 1993

We lived at 165 Bathurst on the 6th floor, corner loft - right near the action and the all night screeching streetcars. Never slept better.

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In conversation at the 95 Bus stop

A kindly older woman asked me yesterday morning while waiting for the 95 bus, the way to get to 200 Lees Avenue, the new Ottawa University campus.

" I'm volunteering at the School of Nursing, I play an old lady who's husband has a heart attack at home and dies. We play-out the possible scenarios should they be called to a similar real scene.
I'll kill off two husbands today"

Says me, " Possibly you've done the same thing in your real life"

Nice old lady, " Good God no! My husband of 46 years died in my arms in CHURCH! He went to kneel and passed out on the floor. The priest says his soul never even touched the ground and went straight to heaven"