Friday, September 2, 2011

Mounting old embroidery on woodblocks - a project

I'm getting a whack ready for QWAC. Yes, I'm getting a whack of woodblocks ready for the Queen West Art Crawl , Sept17-18,  in Toronto. My big thing is painting, collaging, mosaicing bright images on woodblocks. I must have sold thousands by now. Am I running out of ideas? Heck no. In these images I demonstrate how to mount embroidery on a woodblock. 1}- I cut the pieces of embroidery to fit the size of woodblock.
I trim the excess edges of my embroidery off.
Then using regular carpenter glue I spread it evenly all over the embroidery. I mix my glue with water to make it easier to spread. Let it dry. {CLICK on READ MORE to see entire project}
I paint the area that has no stitching. Let it dry.

Once  I'm happy with the painted areas I then cover the entire surface with resin. That is a slow process and takes at least 24 hours to dry. But the finish is spectacular giving it that galssy look.

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