Sunday, December 11, 2011

Lady In August

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  1. Helene: This evening I shuffled a few pieces of art around my home. I've collected for years and have many beautiful pieces in my collection. I started out with Outsider Art, but have amassed an eclectic collection. Your two blocks are favorites of mine, but I've always swooned a bit with the photo of you holding the *support *dreamers* sign. You see, I'm a hopeless dreamer and there's something about you photo that validates my creative yearnings. Ironically, I've probably met the most success in my collection, which was featured in the Chattanooga Free Times in the summer of 2010. Most my own work is conceptual. My largest project has been an outdoor installation on about 1/4 acre on my own property. You signed my blocks on June 29, 2005. One block is dedicated to those who like big green hats and do-gooders. The other is dedicated to those who like to live bear or on the edge. Anyway, I just wanted to stop by and let you know how much your work has meant to me, and that I was so pleased to read your brilliant bio. Best wishes for your continued success, Irene Bean Fulton P.S. I believe I was living in Fallbrook, CA when I purchased the blocks. I now live on a remote mountain in Tennessee.