Sunday, January 13, 2013

My friend Augustus

I took this picture of my friend Augustus, in the quiet of the afternoon while in Toronto last week. Saddened by the fact that his scooter is not working, Augustus was forced to stay inside unable to go outside to shop for food and have his lottery tickets verified. He lives in a  one bedroom apartment in downtown Toronto in the heart of Queen West, abstractly cluttered with 2 scooters, 2 wheelchairs, 3 tv's that are on all the time full blast, a radio on full blast playing golden oldies. And the heat on cranked up to the max.
Augustus loves my partner Peter because Peter is really the only one in the world who cares for him. As we continued filming footage these last few days, for Peter's latest documentary, Augustus kept thanking Peter for keeping a record of his life, " That is my happiness, thank you Peter for keeping a memory of me".

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  1. Very moving story. I hope things have gotten a little better for Augustus.