Sunday, September 1, 2013

Me, Peter and TIFF

HELENE LACELLE and PETER EVANCHUCK working away producing promotional postcards for CMPPA handouts at TIFF this year of their two docs MARKO'SMANIA & THE POETRY OF PAYNE

EVANCHUCK’s 2 documentaries detailing years in the lives of homeless poet ROBERT PAYNE and bipolar photographer MARKO POLAKIWSKI are in this year’s TIFF buyer’s/distributor’s section - ‘We are hoping that both MARKO and ROBERT will be allowed inside the HYATT REGENCY hotel on the 5th at the awards to mingle with the producers/buyers handing out postcards and ROBERTS poetry book THE POETRY OF PAYNE - reciting his poetry and trying to sell his book - while MARKO will be explaining his lifelong journey to photograph Canada’s UNESCO HERITAGE sites - i think most haven’t seen something like this show …. ‘Canadian artists/creators have to become more aware of the importance of such promotion moments in their creative lives. When no one knows ur stuff no one can care about ur stuff. Simple eh ..... mmm?’

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