Thursday, March 10, 2016

Today on Bank St.

Sheila Barclay on Bank & Somerset telling me all about 'Fractal Art Beyond' and letting me draw in her giant art pad. She cut out two business cards and we exchanged coordinates - a real firecracker!

One block away at Gilmour, Elaine is trying to raise money to buy furniture for her new apartment!


  1. Hi, this message is for Sheila. I am that fellow who stopped for the conversation today on Rideau St. (March 10th, 2016 ~3:20pm). I offered to pick up some stuff from the grocery store and deliver it on my way back. However you could not be found. I suppose that you left after it began to rain, hence the protection of your artwork. I would still be interested in purchasing some of your art! What I have seen was quite impressive. Moreover, I owe you that food; I purchased a chocolate cake, some cheese curds, Genoa salami, and a box of tea. Presuming you will be featuring more art on Rideau street later in the month, I should very much like to deliver at least the cake (presuming I freeze it in the time being so that it will not spoil). You may contact me via

    Thanks & continue your art! You have something to offer this community. :)
    ~ Anthony Andre Curkeet-Green

  2. Hi Anthony, kind of you to have bought all that food - I met Sheila for the first time yesterday on Bank St. but will pass-on your message and email to her. Good luck hope can meet up with Sheila again.