Sunday, July 24, 2016

The BIG 'C' Show at Cafe Nostalgica



this is part ONE of 'the big 'C' show' at Cafe Nostalgica presented by HELENE LACELLE and PETER EVANCHUCK

the BIG 'C' show features the 'COLLECTIONS, COLLABORATIONS and COLLAGES by the artists on now at CAFE NOSTALGICA, 601 Cumberland street, on the campus grounds of Ottawa University until end of August in a two part show of marvelous images.

LACELLE and EVANCHUCK are the life-long team of two artists who delve into all everyday things and create art from these events, ideas, experiences, thoughts using their rather unique abilities to make marvelous images ... MARVELOUS REALISM is their term for their works.

this is the first of a two part big 'C' show on now to 10 August 2016 - the second part of the big'C'show will be 'walled & hung' from 11 August to end of August 2016

HELENE LACELLE (aka neonmatisse) is a life long, award winning, self taught artist who has exhibited around the world both 'hard' and 'on line' currently showing at several galleries in the U.S. and Canada as well as showing in Ottawa at LIFEofPIE, theGREEN DOOR, School of Art gallery.

PETER EVANCHUCK has had a varied life from his professor/teacher years, to filmaker, to photographer, to journalist, to magazine editor/publisher (MOTIONmagazine Cdn film/tv/theare), now after a creative hiatus caused by severe cancer concerns/surgeries/treatments still lives with cancer but healthy enough to once again 'create' - he is presently working on several docs and working on his re-enry into dramatic feature film making using the magic of digital technology instead of the ancient celluloid of film..

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