Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas in Toronto

Christmas morning at King & John, almost nobody on the street except Rob Payne, the Homeless Poet, my companion Peter, shooting a documentary on Robert Payne and me. Rob opens the door at Tim Hortons for people in exchange for a few coins.

The CN tower looks different every day. Well that's what I thought when I lived here for 20 years.

Later we go and eat Chinese on Spadina at the Jug, where the cooking staff is all over 70 and they look like they never sleep. One Chinese woman came out of the kitchen dragging a large bucket of soup, across the dinning room floor with a large meat hook. She does this about 5 times a day. An open bucket where hair, and slush and stuff can just fly into the open bucket. That's what I like about Chinatown, there are no rules.
The ceiling in the ladies washroom is about 5' 3" high and I'm 5'2" tall.

I don't like fortune cookies but I do like the fortunes they put inside. My fortunes are almost always vague and boring, but not the one I got yesterday, it was pretty close to my heart and I decided that this little strip of paper would make it home with me.

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