Monday, December 31, 2012

NEW Petit Tableau at Etsy

Now Available in my ETSY SHOP

Each ORIGINAL PETIT TABLEAU is a creation unique unto itself.

As you handle these 'object d'art' you'll notice a warm, array of art styles such as collage,
cutouts, painting - creating layered images with a remarkable depth and tonality to please the heart and the eye. Every Petit Tableau is finished in a coat of light, glossy, protective,
lifelong resin that allows the inner beauty of each block to produce a glow of interest.
On it's own, the artwork is friendly and cozy and easy to display just about anywhere in your home but as a grouping, they create an excursion for the mind!

Your Petit Tableau comes with an opening at the back which allows instant hanging - No need for framing
- it's ready to hang or stand in your favorite place the minute it arrives!!!

- All are approx: 3" x 4" x .5"

note: Every kiln dried, spruce wood block has been rescued from the overload bins of a futon factory.

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  1. They are lovely as it the presentation. Happy new year to you!