Monday, February 18, 2013

Guest ART-ist on ART IS A WAY

After spending a full and hectic weekend in Toronto working on Peter's documentary BEAUTIFUL BATCHELORS and getting almost no sleep, what an invigorating way to wake up this morning to see my ART submission for ELSA MORA's ART IS A WAY blog.  She created a lively animation to accompany the image. Elsa is THE one to turn to for inspiration, sharing and kindness on all things ART.


  1. Helene, your photo is one of the most special and inspiring images that I have ever seen with the word ART. I look at this picture and I feel like creating something new. Thanks a lot for sharing it with us!
    All my best!
    Elsita :)

  2. Elsita, When I first saw the 'STart' sign I thought to myself, 'What an obvious way to transform a stop sign, why haven't I seen it before?' Then the whole 'ART' concept came into play and my mind was off racing. So very happy we could breath more life into the photo. Bye for now, Helene