Sunday, February 10, 2013

Old dolls in the old house

While out photographing my blocks a few months ago in Chipman, I came across this abandoned house and was of course drawn to go inside. I crawled in through the front door and was greeted by a crumbling house FULL of junk that had been pissed, shit, puked and fucked on. As I took more pictures I began to noticed that under all this mucky stuff were some friggin amazingly old things. Knowing I wasn't really supposed to be in the house I quickly took a few objects and crawled back out the front door. Here are 2 of the dolls I took.


  1. Wow- those are great faces! Like the old house too.

  2. Thanks, tomorrow I'll be posting the 2 other objects I took. I'll be going back to Chipman in a few months a hope that the house is still there. If it is I might be going for another little visit inside!